PTWS 4000
6 + 2 Dissolution Tester

PTWS 4000 is the only tablet dissolution testing instrument available to support vessel sizes up to 4 liters for pool test applications of highly concentrated samples. PTWS 4000 contains six stirred glass vessels with a volume of approx. 4 liters each in a single row in the front side of the instrument. Furthermore, it offers two additional, unstirred 1 liter vessels to take a blank and/or a reference standard in a second row on the back side of the instrument. PTWS 4000 is fully compliant to the current USP <711/724> and EP <2.9.3/4> pharmacopeia.

PTWS 4000 can also handle 1 liter and 2 liter USP/EP vessels using the same Monoshaft™ stirring tools. The adapters to use smaller vessels are included in the standard scope of supply. This makes the PTWS 4000 one of the most flexible dissolution testing instruments available.

The PTWS 4000 is an ideal instrument for either manual sampling or basic automation. The „six-in-line“ vessel configuration means optimal access to the samples for subsequent analysis. Its automated lift-up system moves the drive head into an upper position to remove the vessels and allows for easy cleaning. The U-shaped water bath is separate from the main frame of the instrument and the built-in circulation pump is mounted on a spring loaded assembly to eliminate the transfer of vibration to the dissolution vessels.

The instrument features a RS232 interface for remote control and data transfer to the PT-DL1 data logger to print information of actual stirrer speed and bath temperature. Also a temperature sensor probe is available for measuring the medium temperature directly inside the vessels. Optionally a pH probe can be connected as well. This PTWS 4000 can also be programmed to start up automatically before the start of the day, so that bath temperature and vessel medium temperature are ready for use first thing in the morning. Similarly, the instrument can be programmed to shut off the heater at night to conserve energy. Direct connection to a PTFC2 or DSR-M fraction collector is also possible for automated sample collection.

The standard testing method filing system eases the programming of sampling information. Each of the stirrer shafts can be withdrawn or started in a vessel at any time. This offers the possibility of a staggered start for manual and automated operation. The depth setting of the stirrers can easily be altered to meet the parameters of new tool setting, as is required for transdermal cylinders.

Other instruments in this series are the PTWS 310 and PTWS 310-2 (4+4), PTWS 610 (6+2), the PTWS 1210 (12+2), and the PTWSD610 (dual-drive 6+6) dissolution testing instruments.


  • Fully USPand EPcompliant
  • Extra large vessels for approx. 4l of medium inluded in standard supply
  • Supports 1 liter and 2 liter vessels as well, adapters included in standard supply
  • 6 stirred positons, 2 extra 1 liter vessels (unstirred)
  • Electronic lift drive
  • Staggered start capability

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